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Feather Razor
Feather Razor
Feather Razor

Feather Razor



This is every stylist’s secret weapon, and we’re ready to share its magic powers. If you’re looking to take a haircut to the next level, try using our feather razor. Whether you’re texturizing or thinning, this tool will effortlessly elevate your haircut. Watch our educational video on feather razors here.


Our feather razor features:

  • Ergonomic handle and balanced build for comfort.
  • Smart build compatible for right-handed or left-handed users.
  • 5in, changeable blade for precise texturizing and thinning cuts.
  • Compatible with most replacement market blades.
  • Quality metal blade won’t break, bend, or melt.
  • Compatible with left-handed and right-handed stylists.

Why it matters:

We wanted to build a feather razor that would be easy to use, and simple to change. When your blade eventually gets dull, it’s easy to change out the 2.5in blade. You’ll love our smooth, ergonomic handle!


  • (1) Salon-quality 8” Feather Razor

Product Care:

  • Keep clean of debris.

Use on hair only.


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