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Spray Bottle
Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle



It may seem simple, but a spray bottle is one of your most important tools. Licensed hair professionals told us what their dream spray bottle would feel like, and we listened. Continuous spray is the key and now, you can have the luxury of the salon in your own home.

Our spray bottle features:

  • Super fine nozzle technology for a luxurious, ultrafine mist.
  • Continuous spray pinch plate for a steady, controlled spray.
  • Powerful expulsion and fine mist via compression technology.
  • Ergonomic, comfortable shape.
  • Reusable, refillable 300ml bottle.

Why it matters:

Other spray bottles will wet the hair too quickly, leaving it dripping instead of damp! Our bottle with ultrafine, continuous mist was designed for ease-of-use and precise results.


  • (1) 300ml Spray Bottle 

Product Care:

  • Keep debris away from spray bottle.
  • Fill only with water.
  • Rinse as needed.

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