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Hair professionals rely on capes to ensure that your haircut is comfortable, and so you don’t leave covered in hair. For all of your DIY haircuts, you deserve a functional, comfortable cape. Our licensed hair professionals compiled all of the features they love in a cape, and we’re bringing this luxury salon product to you!

Our DIY Cape features:

  • Breathable, water-resistant polyester-nylon blend cape for maximum comfort.
  • Large 140cm x 160cm design to fit and cover all body types.
  • Premium comfort snapping neck closure.
  • Sleek, stylish DIY Clippers logo.

Why it matters:

Other capes are tight and uncomfortable on the neck or don’t cover the full body. We designed the perfect cape because we know you want to feel comfortable and shielded from any falling hair!


  • (1) DIY Cape, black


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