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Alligator Hair Clips
Alligator Hair Clips
Alligator Hair Clips
Alligator Hair Clips

Alligator Hair Clips



When you’re working with longer hair, it’s often easiest to work in sections. Whether you’re styling, coloring, or cutting, these high-quality alligator hair clips will help you hold sections in place.

Our 6-count clips feature:

  • High-quality hold-technology great for fine, medium, and thick hair.
  • Wide, smooth teeth that hold large sections without leaving indentations or marks in hair.
  • Made with strong, durable carbon plastic in a black matte finish.
  • Built with a double-jointed hinge that ensures high-tension and strength.
  • Designed with a comfortable spring loaded pinch lever for ease of use.

Why it matters:

This 6-count pack of clips is an ample amount for any hair project. Our clips are built to hold thick, heavy hair out of place. You won’t experience drooping or slipping.   


  • 6 high-quality alligator hair clips

Product Care:

  • Wipe clean after use.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.

Additional Information:

  • Clips can melt under extreme heat conditions.


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