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The Story of DIY Clippers: A Barber and his Customer

Posted by Krystal Gillis on

Mike Witt has worked as a barber for over 30 years, and he knows better than anyone that the relationships you can make with the people who return to your chair are extraordinary. There’s a special bond that forms between you and your longtime customers. You see them at a frequency that allows you to track their life milestones, highs and lows. You cut their kid’s hair. Then, two decades down the line, you cut their kids’ kid’s hair. It’s not just about getting a haircut, it’s about the community and space that’s been cultivated over many years.

 With COVID-19 encroaching upon the barber industry in early 2020, Mike was cutting another regular: Glen Grambart. They’d spent many haircuts getting to know each other. Talking about life, talking about business, and enjoying each other’s company. That day, as the virus progressed, they were lamenting about impending loss. Mike’s income was threatened, Glen didn’t know when his next haircut would be — and they both were losing an important social and community space. What could they do?

 At this point, Mike had been involved with hair tools and product production for over five years. He’d become an expert in quality materials and hair goods. To Mike, the solution to their problems was obvious: create a company to curate and aggregate a collection of the best hair tools for at-home users who were quickly going to be without a haircut. With the help of Glen’s business expertise and start-up connections,  DIY Clippers was born.

The company has started to foster an online community of people in their kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms learning to cut hair for the first time. It was a natural fit for Mike who has been a longtime hair professional, to teach people the skills and basics they need to know to accomplish a DIY Haircut. The most important facet of a quality haircut, other than technical knowledge, is the tools you use. Your scissors need to be ultra sharp, high quality blades. Your clippers need to be super fast and consistent!

Today, DIY Clippers continues to cultivate a digital community of people who love DIY haircuts and are excited to have a safe, cost-effective alternative to barbershops and salons. Glen and Mike are proud to be a small, barber-owned business that reflects the dream that they have been building since that first conversation in the barbershop. We hope you’ll love our products as much as we do, they’re made with attentive detail and a lot of heart.

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