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Stay Safe, Stay Home: Cut Your Own Hair to Reduce Your Risk this Holiday Season

Posted by Krystal Gillis on

Q: Is it safe to get my haircut during coronavirus?

A: Not entirely. While many salons and barbershops are practicing extra caution with sanitization and mandating masks for the entirety of all appointments, these spaces are small and indoors. You might be in close proximity to a lot of people for a prolonged period of time.

‘Tis the season for holiday photos and extra zoom calls — for family FaceTimes and Christmas morning smiles. Understandably, you want to look good for it all! On a normal year, you might be booking a pre-holiday appointment with your barber or hair stylist right now. But it’s not a normal year. This year, we’re all doing our part to keep our loved ones safe and our holidays COVID-free. You might be contemplating just rocking your grown out hairdo, but you don’t have to sacrifice looking and feeling your best. It’s time to DIY!

There have been over 12.5 million confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the United States. You don’t want your family members or friends to become part of this statistic. It’s true that hairstylists and barbers are trained to follow certain hygienic procedures and that, in most places, you’re mandated to wear a mask during your entire appointment. But salons and barbershops can still be small, indoor space with a lot of people inside. Even if primarily for your peace of mind, it can be good precaution to avoid these encounters if there are other options. And DIY Clippers is an option that was created by a barber for his customers.

 As a barber himself, our founder knows how difficult it can be to sacrifice the ritual and the social experience of going to your barbershop and salon during these times where we’re desperate for normalcy. But because he cares about his customers and his family, he’s embraced a pivot toward empowering people to take their hair into their own hands. So, we’ve designed a line of easy-to-use, high-quality hair equipment. You can purchase our clipper, scissor, feather razor, and more! We also have educational content available so you can learn more about the care and use of your DIY products.

 While keeping yourself safe, you can feel at-ease that you’re still supporting a small, barber-owned business when you shop with DIY Clippers. And while you may one day return to your barber or stylist, we hope that we can equip you with a new skill that will serve you beyond the pandemic. Cutting your friend or family’s hair is an empowering and bonding experience that will help you save time and money for years to come. Oh, and did we mention that our products make great gifts? You can use code DIYHOLIDAY to save 20% on your purchase. Thank you for prioritizing your health and safety while supporting local economies. We wish you a happy holiday season this year from our team at DIY Clippers!

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