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How to Use a Feather Razor

Posted by Krystal Gillis on

What? A Razor?
It can seem intimidating to apply a razor to your hair. After all, when we think of the razors we’re used to, we often think of the devices that allow us to get a dramatic shave on our face or bodies.
But do not fear! A feather razor is an easy-to-use tool that removes hair gently and with precision. Using a fresh, sharp blade, a feather razor is great for thinning, texturizing, accenting, and blending hair. It can also take some of the wave out of curly hair, creating a semi-straightening effect.
The benefit of using a feather razor is that it can create super versatile looks. Depending on your desired effect, you can use it to create blurry, lived-in edges or to make a bold, sharp design. This tool is pretty foolproof, but we have a few tips for getting started.
Our Top 5 Feather Razor Do’s and Don’t’s

1. Start with Damp Hair
When using a feather razor, you’ll want to start your haircut with damp hair. This is important to avoid any breakage with the razor.

2. Hold the razor at a 45 degree angle.
If you hold the razor too high, you’ll find yourself scraping the hair. If you hold the razor too low, you won’t cut anything. You’ll notice that the right angle makes it easy.

3. Don’t thin out the ends too much.
If you’re using the feather razor to thin out bulky hair, you’ll want to focus on removing hair from the bulkiest section (usually, the mid of the hair). If you thin out the ends too much, you’ll end up with a scraggly, pointy style. This is usually not the desired effect.

4. Change the blade often.
It’s important that you work with a sharp blade, and this goes for any hair product. Your scissors, clippers, and feather razors must be incredibly sharp to avoid hair damage.

5. Buy a quality product.
Our feather razor was designed to be compatible with most market replaceable blades. Our tool will work seamlessly for left-handed and right-handed users and has a comfortable grip.

If you’re looking for a specific feather razor tutorial, we post new educational content regularly. Don’t second guess yourself! You can easily learn how to perform simple haircutting techniques for seamless at-home haircuts.
A Pro Tip
 Use a feather razor to create an effortless bang or face frame! Feather razors are great for cutting any sort of “bang” look because the razor avoids chunky, shelf-like layers. Instead, you’ll end up with seamlessly ble

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