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Can I use any hair clipper to groom my dog?

Posted by Krystal Gillis on

Q: Can I use any hair clipper to groom my dog?

A: Nope! It’s really important that you use a clipper that is fast enough to properly cut dog fur, especially for pups with long, thick, heavy coats. The DIY Clipper is unique — it’s a clipper that’s been designed for human hair but it actually runs at a high enough speed that it could cut dog fur, too!

More than anything else, clipper speed is important because clippers rely on friction to cut hair. You can use a clipper with a relatively sharp blade, but if it's too slow, it won't cut hair properly.

The DIY Clipper is equipped with a DC Motor with RPM speed of 6000 for powerful hair cutting capabilities. It also has a USB-rechargeable ion lithium battery 2000 series for a strong 4-hour battery life.

When you embark on giving your pup a haircut for the first time, here are some tips for grooming your dog at home:

  • Groom your dog after they've had a bath, but be sure they are nice and dry.
  • For long haired dogs that are prone to matting, brush their fur first!
  • Choose the clipper attachment based on traditional breed length.
  • Begin at the dog's neck and move toward the tail, go slowly.
  • Only use the DIY Scissors on a dog that is calm and still.
  • Scissors can help ensure you get a better shape on tails and legs.
  • And again, only use a clipper that's safe for dog hair!

Then, if you want to clean the clipper for future human-use, our clippers are easy to clean! Just brush away the excess hair with the included soft bristled brush. To disinfect, spray blades with clipper disinfectant spray. Lastly, put 3 evenly spaced drops of the included lubricating oil on the blades.

Trips to the groomers cost on average over $500 every year, and other pet clippers cost upwards of $150. You can save money today and order our clippers for just $59!  

Whether you buy our clipper for yourself, your loved one, or your furry best friend, you can rely on our high standard of quality to out-perform the competition.

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